Thursday, 27 July 2017

Apricot roses; L174 outfits

I love Bodyline's L174 JSK. It's such a nice fabric, and the design is fairly simple, yet a bit elegant (especially since I added the ruffle to the hem).

I actually wore this dress out recently, and so when I came to putting these outfits together I deliberately avoided redoing a variation of that coordinate. So one of my favourite combos with this dress, salmon pink, was out, but it was good as that stretched me to try a few different things.

For he first outfit I wanted to try adding a dark, vibrant red as a complementary colour, and overall I feel it worked rather well! I'm not 100% sure if the socks were the best choice, but I think they would work nicely worn. And if not it's an easy change to make the outfit wearable.

Next I wanted to try something a bit more casual and sweet-ish. Black and indoor photography are not a good combination by any stretch of the imagination, but I actually really liked this outfit, even if this photo is a bit shoddy. I think I may even wear this when spring or summer roll around - it would also look good with pink ankle socks I think.

Then for the last look I ran with ivory. This isn't particularly groundbreaking, but damn do I like it! Especially the mass of flowers for the hair, there is no such things as too many flowers in my opinion!

I have to say, for a dress that is kind of limited as far as colour goes, I can still get some good variety in outfits with this JSK as well as the tried and true combinations, and that makes me rather pleased!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Lolita 52: Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

Normally I try to be fairly neutral, especially in regards to topics where I’m not really engaged, but I have to say I come down on the frivolous side for this one. Parasols are gorgeous, and perhaps in some climates are incredibly helpful at coping with the weather. But by and large my opinion is that in lolita, a parasol is an optional accessory item and not a vital item by any stretch of the imagination.

The only reason I have photos of myself in lolita with parasols is because James and I own some as part of our overall model wardrobe. They’re not exclusively mine, nor were they purchased exclusively for us in lolita. And I only ever do use them for photoshoots anyway.

Speaking of parasols and photoshoots, here's a throwback to a shoot with my lovely James aka The Enthusiast

My neutral side does want to point out, however, that they’re not really frivolous, no more than anything else in this fashion. They can be cute or elegant, and are always lovely so if you want to carry a parasol you carry a parasol and you’ll look great while doing it! It’s just an aspect of lolita fashion that I don’t feel much need for and probably won’t explore myself, unless I suddenly start to wear lolita a whole lot more often.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My Lolita Wishlist

Most lolitas have dream dresses – main pieces they really want, actively hunt down, and will sometimes pay over retail price for. I am not one of these lolitas. There are a lot of items and prints I admire in this fashion, too many to name, really, but I don’t have any holy grail items. I have a few reasons for this; I like to buy my lolita items fairly cheaply if I’m buying secondhand and thus some things I quite like are beyond my budget, I don’t like the idea of locking myself into an idea of “this is what I really want” because I like to be surprised by all the wonderful pieces out there, and, quite frankly, nothing has ever made me fall quite so head over heels that I’m willing to change those things (though I’m not opposed to the idea).

However, if you’ve been here for a while you’ll know I have certain goals for perfecting my lolita wardrobe and in addition to that, I thought I would share my fairly vague lolita wishlist. How is it vague? you ask. Well, my wishlist is more for “types” rather than specific items…

Cherry or Strawberry JSK or OP in Black
With two skirts in this theme/colour scheme I just want one more piece to round out this little section of my wardrobe, because much as I love skirts I love JSKs and OPs more. I’m really not too fussed which print this is, and there have been a lot over the years! However, I think I’d prefer something with a big, bold print, and not too many fussy details, and I’d also rather it didn’t introduce any secondary themes (looking at you, Angelic Pretty, with your bunnies!) so it’s easier to work in with my wardrobe. Whether it’s strawberries or cherries I really don’t mind, but you know what would be awesome? A print with both!

Chocolate, Candy or Biscuit JSK in Brown or Ivory
Again, I have two pieces in this theme – my handmade chocolate underbust JSK and my Jam Paradise dress – and just want another one! I definitely want a JSK though – all the coordinating variety and none of the limitations of the other main piece cuts. And again similarly, there are a whole lot of different pieces in this theme that have been released, it’s just a matter of finding one that will fit my body and my budget. I’m also really chillaxed about what it is. Another chocolate bar print? Cool! Cookies? Also cool! How about just sweets? Very cool! On colour I’m also a bit flexible, I definitely want brown but given these kinds of prints tend to include brown in the design, I’m happy with an ivory as well. Of course, pinks and mints are really gorgeous in this theme, but I’d rather versatility for now.

Generic Sweet Print JSK in Black x Pink
I know it’s completely passé, but I really love bittersweet lolita. I was a teen when emo and scene where the dominant alternative fashions, and I love how bittersweet lolita is reminiscent of that aesthetic. It adds some edge to this fashion, without going all full on punk. And I love black x pink as a colour scheme. So, something that I’ve wanted to get for a while now is a black JSK with a generic pink pattern. And by generic, I pretty much mean bows. I just want something that is in the colours and style I love, but that isn’t locking me in thematically. And basically, in lolita that pretty much means bows. Or stripes, or dots, or gingham, I suppose. But probably not gingham.

Floral JSK in Spring Green
A few years ago Metamorphose released a dress I just died for. I’m not even quite sure why, but I love it. Then Innocent World did something similar, and then again this year I’ve fallen for an AP floral in a lovely light and bright green shade. After all this love I’ve realised that I do want a fresh green floral piece. I did previously own a Bodyline OP that satisfied my desire, but the fit was always a bit awkward and I wasn’t completely sold on the cut, so it’s now with a new owner. But I still sometimes wish I had kept it, flaws and all, so this is definitely something I am keeping my eyes peeled for.

Floral JSK or OP in Lavender
This is me being a bit frivolous, but I’d love to branch out into a new colour here. Much like I have a single sax blue floral, I’d like to have just one lavender piece. I don’t think pastels of any kind will ever become dominant in my wardrobe, but I would like to expand my colour palette further. And besides, if I get myself a nice lavender floral, Jurassic Party won’t be quite so lonely, and I won’t feel bad about getting matching lavender pieces!

Black Skirt
No pictures, because not that exiting, but I’ve mentioned before that I want to get or make a plain black skirt and that’s till true! Just something that’s cute, not too fussy, and easy to wear. Mostly this would probably end up being worn in casual coordinates, but hat’s awesome, because I know me and I’m more likely to wear casual than anything so why not introduce a piece into my that allows me to wear casual more often? I’ll probably end up making this piece, because I’m a bit cheap when it comes to non-prints, and especially skirts. JSKs are harder to make, but shirred skirts are easy as! I guess this will be a project the next time I get a week off work.

Gobelin Coat, Cape or Jacket
Have I ever mentioned how much I love gobelin? If not…I love gobelin! Oh my goodness, so gloriously almost-ugly, it’s just makes me happy. And so, I’d love to get myself a nice winter outerwear piece in floral gobelin fabric. To be honest, I’m daydreaming about making myself a fur trimmed cape, lined in something super warm so it’s actually practical, but that would be a make-it-myself affair, and I know it will take me a while do get around to it, so I’m keeping watch for an appropriate piece in case one pops up before I can get to sewing.

Of course, I’m likely to end up buying things that aren’t on this list as well, but these are the distinct items I am keeping an eye out for in the hopes of finding ones that fit my taste, size, and budget. What does you lolita wishlist look like?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

By any other name; Anniversary Rose outfits

Oh Anniversary Rose, you are such a gorgeous print! This dress is one I fell in love with a long time ago, and I'm so glad I have it in my wardrobe.

However, the colours are almost impossible to match! It is so beautiful though, that even my matchy-matchy heart doesn't really care and just goes for it. So here are three outfits, featuring hardly anything that actually matches the colour of the print!

First I ran with something simple, summery, and sweet. I really love how this turned out and would 100% wear this. How great would it be for a picnic or something like that? Pink or white ankle socks would complete the look ^__^

Next I really wanted to combine this JSK with brown, and ended up with a bit of a mis-matched outfit that I really like. It's a bit of an oddball but I think it works; not sure why or how though!

For my third and final outfit I wanted to try something light, but not too neutral and pulled out the trusty salmon pieces...and I think it works really well! This outfit is just dreamy for me, I love it.

It's funny how that for a piece where I don't have anything to match it perfectly I can make so many outfits that I'm 100% happy with. Do you have any pieces like that in your lolita collection?

Monday, 10 July 2017

2017 Lolita Goals Update

I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that 2017 is halfway over already. But it is, so I thought this was as good time to review my lolita goals for this year and see how I’ve gone so far.

As far as the wardrobe building side of things goes, I have achieved the following:

After reflecting a bit further on my wardrobe, I've also realised that few things I had on my goal list I'm going to remove:
  • Replace red wine suede shoes
  • Replace salmon suede shoes
  • Get a bonnet (or other statement headwear)
  • Get an OTT blouse, probably in ivory
Mostly, my reasoning for this is that my suede shoes are adequate for the amount of times I actually wear lolita. They aren't the greatest shoes, but I may as well wear them till they die, even if that's only a couple of wears, before I look to replace them, otherwise I'm just buying things I don't really need. And then with the OTT pieces, similarly I don't actually need them, I just wanted them so I had something OTT in my wardrobe. However, if I have an event or photoshoot where I need them coming up, I'm sure I'll have time to buy them then. Of course, for all these items if I stumble across a great deal I will definitely snap it up, but otherwise they are off my wardrobe goal list.

Which means I have the following goals still to achieve:

  • Get an a-line petticoat
  • Modify or replace brown short sleeved bolero
  • Get brand lace topped OTKs in white, black, and ivory
  • Get more wristcuffs in black and ivory 
  • Get better lavender headwear
  • Get fawn fur boot-toppers to match my collars and beret

 All in all I think I’m doing pretty well on achieving the refinements to my wardrobe I decided I wanted to do this year! Five down, four removed, and six to go ^__^
Then in my second set of goals, relating to actually wearing lolita, I have done really well. I went to my first meetup and have already worn lolita more this year than last year. However, I haven’t yet done any lolita photoshoots (though I do have some ideas for concepts, and am probably going to do some in August) and I also haven’t worn my lolita items in casual or non-lolita outfits. However I have definitely gotten more use out of my lolita wardrobe this year, which I am very pleased with!

Overall I’m pleased with how the lolita portion of my life has gone this year, and I’m looking forward to more lolita fun in the second half of 2017!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Coordinates from April - June 2017

Another three months and another two lolita outfits. Not so great on quantity there, buts till, halfway through 2017 I've already worn lolita as much as a I did in 2016, and there have been a number of occasions where I've thought of wearing lolita, but decided against it. So I'm on the right track to wearing this lovely fashion more regularly!

I "wore" lolita once in April... and that's in quote marks because I thought up this outfit to wear while assisting James in a studio photoshoot, but on that morning the model cancelled due to a badly swollen jaw. But, having thought up the outfit I was bound and determined to try it on and see if it worked - and it did, which made me rather happy. So I dressed up, bummed around a little, and had James take photos for me. It still counts!

Skirt: Metamorphose "Patisserie Dream"
Headbow and bow bracelet: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

I actually really, really loved how this turned out. I do think it really needed a necklace, and the big headbow looks a little odd without a fringe, but overall this outfit was super cute and made me really happy to wear.

I did go a little overboard on getting James to take photos (some of which you may have already seen on my instagram) but what else is one to do in an adorable outfit?

I also love my bracelets. As mentioned above the bow one is AP, paired with a bead bracelet made by a friend of mine, and my silver bracelet that James made works nicely with the outfit too. I mean, I wear it all the time, regardless of if it matches or not, but it's nice when it does match.

Then in May I had a chance to wear lolita actually properly when a friend invited me to a high tea for her birthday. We went to a lovely local place I've been to a few times before for a two hour high tea with bottomless teapots. We drank so. much. tea. And before I share my outfit I just have to share a shot of the food!

I wanted to wear lolita because what more appropriate time and place than for a high tea? I was tossing up between wearing florals or cherries, asked James and he voted florals so here we are! This was the first time I had actually worn this dress, so I was very pleased with my outfit choice.

JSK: Bodyline (with added ruffle)
Blouse: Lady Sloth
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille
Everything else: Offbrand

I loved this outfit, it was cute and comfortable - my two favourite things!

So those are my outfits from the past three months. As I said at the start, it's not a lot of coordinates but I'm definitely pleased I'm getting a bit more wear out my wardrobe this year.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: June 2017

Another month ending means there's another selection of blog posts from other lolita's curated here for your reading pleasure! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did ^__^

Summer ILD from Cupcake Kamisama's Lolita World
I didn't do a thing for June ILD this year, but I sure enjoyed reading about other people's experiences and admiring their outfits! My favourite thing to read about in this post is that the hosts of the meet put together an activity booklet for the cool is that?

Daydream Bed and macarons from Pastel Jelly Beans
So many pretty pictures in this post! It's a simple one - an outfit and an excursion in lolita, but that sort of thing is really what this fashion is all about, isn't it?

Harassment in Lolita from Luna Rain
A bit more of a sombre post, but one well worth reading. Unfortunately we still live in a world where being different can sometimes be hazardous and this post contains some good ideas on how to deal with the harassment you may experience (though hopefully won't!) while out in lolita.

International Lolita Day: Summer 2017 Edition! from Teacake Time Machine
Another post about an ILD experience, quite different from the other one I've already shared. It's great to see the different way lolitas celebrate this holiday! Of course, I could have shared way, way more ILD posts but I figured two was enough ^__^

Cookie Bear Review from Vanilla Bear
I really enjoy seeing nice detailed reviews, especially when they are of items from stores I never knew existed. And that's exactly what this post is.

My 10 Un-Gothic Lolita Confessions from Raven Snow
At the risk of sounding like a clickbait article title - number one is super relate-able. I also find it interesting to find out a little about people, especially when it's "confessions" like this.

Kawaii Instagram School: How to Slay Your Flatlay from Parfait Doll
I like creative how-to guides, and this one is pretty nifty - how to make artsy flat lay photos. Now, this post refers to non-clothing specific flat lays, more the general pretty ones where any kind of thing can be the focus. Which is kind of good, because I'm working on a post about clothing flat lays specifically, and didn't want to be beaten to the punch!

Reading Corner: So Pretty / Very Rotten from Pink Milk Tea
There have been a few posts pop up in my feed about this book of essays and comics, and this is the one I'm featuring!

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Underused Print Ideas from Crimson Reflections
Spoiler alert! One of their suggestions is penguins, which would be soooooo adorable! Man, I really need to actually join the LBC...

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Meetup from Buttcape
Reading about other people's meet up experiences is really enjoyable for me - it's almost like socialising, but done from the comfort of my computer! I don't like wine, but I would totally drink it at a meet up like this. Also, amazing coordinate.

Fabric Shoe Cover Tutorial from Fuwa-Fuwa-Fashion
This is a super awesome tutorial! Decorating shoes is great, but I don't think I've ever see someone do such a neat clean job of it. I am so super inspired to make my own fancy shoes now. Seriously, if you read only one thing from this post of mine, read this one.

8 years of Melty Chocolate! from Ruban Rose
I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing different outfits with a single main piece (well duh, have you seen this blog?) so this was a super nice post to see. And I love Melty Chocolate as well, so I enjoyed it even more!

Once again, the lolita blogging community continues to produce great content, which extends way beyond the posts I've featured here, even though this is the most I've featured in a month so far. If you're interested in reading more, my blogpost roundup tag contains all of these posts!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Guro lolita (and much more) photoshoot at an abandoned asylum

Last month I got to be one of three photographers along with my boyfriend James on a group shoot at an abandoned mental asylum, and I had a great day and took lots of cool shots. The theme was "gore" and to my surprise and delight one of the models showed up in guro lolita! Since this was such an interesting day I was always going to post about it briefly here but it makes me really happy that it's (partially) "on theme" for this blog anyway!

So I'm going to share a shot of each main look I did, and talk a little bit about the day as I go. If you're interested in seeing all my photos, please visit my facebook page for the complete album. I have credited the models in each photo description, and have linked to their public profiles (where applicable).

The other photographers on the day were my boyfriend James aka The Enthusiast and Wulf Photography, who was the primary organiser and also responsible for doing/supplying/teaching SPFX on the day.

And, I guess, trigger warning...this was a gore shoot. There is a lot of fake blood in the below photos, and some SPFX wounds.

It should surprise none of my readers that the first model I shot with was the guro lolita! People were arriving in dribs and drabs (to be fair, this location was a twenty minute bush walk from the nearest parking) and were also still applying make-up and costume when we got there, so when Ash walked up fully ready it was great. She was also fantastic to work with - the first shots I have of her she was literally climbing up the walls! And I didn't ask for it!

Next James and I shot with Natalie together. Going into this shoot I had only one idea I really wanted to execute; a girl in white near the overgrown wall shot as a black and white double exposure. And I got it perfectly! Natalie was very good holding the exact pose and expression for me while I shot of whole lot of compositions and angles to layer together.

By the time we got back to the base camp area after shooting Natalie everyone had arrived. I'm not quite sure how it happened but the next person I got to shoot with was Rachel. One fantastic thing about this locations is that it has a whole range of locations within it - overgrown walls, destroyed and graffiti covered buildings and even a stretch of sandy earth with rusted car bodies. And with Rachel's cool, kind of post-apocalytpic grunge look I thought the cars worked well! For this look with her I just asked her to walk towards me again and again and again. Most of my shots were bad, but the ones that were good were very very good.

I also got gravel down my pants from hunkering down ever lower as she walked closer. The things we do for art.

Models: Dan and Rachillustation

Next up I grabbed Dan as well and did some couple shots with him and Rachel. This one was my absolute favourite of them together, and it's kind of funny because between shots we were goofing off, I was complaining about my gravelly butt, and I was giving ridiculously pretentious direction. But you wouldn't guess it from the final shots!

Model: Dan

And of course, I had to get some shots of Dan on his own. Like Rachel his look was way for post -apocalyptic than gorey, so I went in a bit of a fashion-y direction for a couple of simple top-half shots.

This seems like an appropriate time to say that one of the best things about this shoot was how wonderfully differently each model interpreted the theme of gore. As a photographer, I got to shoot a range of different looks and emotions throughout the day, which I loved.

Then I got to work with Celeste, who was the goriest person so far! We focused on doing some very emotive close up shots, which I really enjoyed. The contacts she was wearing especially made it kind of eerie.

Model: Jordan

Would you believe that this shot of Jordan and the previous one of Celeste are at the exact same place? What a difference model and photographer positions makes! I really enjoyed getting to get in some super dramatic lens flare here, I love lens flare something fierce.

And here I segue into another thing I like about this day - we had two male models! Amateur modelling is so female dominated that it was kind of a surprise to have two guys show up for this one, but definitely a good one as once again it gives the photographers a lot more variety.

At this part of the day I was getting tired, but still wasn't done! As we all gathered at base camp I asked the models if anyone had a particular concept they had in mind but hadn't had a chance to shoot yet. And Celeste said she wanted to climb in a window. So climb she did!

I'm not sharing the adorable behind the scenes shots because there's just so many, but at this point a big white and black wolfhound and a mini wolfhound type dog showed up and started clamouring for attention at Celeste. Later it seemed like the dogs owners were in the area to teach a friend how to off-road 4WD and were letting their dogs out for a run around here. Both the owners and the dogs were super nice, and the doggos in particular made pretty much everyone super happy.

Model: Keira

Next I shot with Keira. I had shot with her second, straight after Ash (James and I did a model switch) but I didn't like how those photos turned out in the end, so in terms of finished photos she's here in my timeline!

Also, you know how I mentioned that this location was a bit of a bushwalk in? Well, James and I drove Keira to the shoot with us (seeing as she's a friend ^__^) and she had the most ridiculous Snow White moment with a friendly little wallaby on the way in. The wallabies and kangaroos around here know that humans equal food and pats, but I wasn't expecting the ones in the bush to just come up and start nuzzling her hand in search of food! It was a really cute start to the day I ahve to say, and nearly everyone got to have a similar moment on the way in.

P.S. Oh my goodness, how Aussie does that paragraph read? Bushwalking and wallabies? I feel like such a stereotype...

Rachel just happened to wander by at this point, so I grabbed her for a few more spontaneous shots. Gotta love it when models are wiling to lie on grimy bricks for you!

Then, as a last hurrah, I shot with Ash again, who now was a lot more gorey! I especially loved the pentagram on the forehead...

Throughout the day I also got a couple of random artsy shots of Keira and Natalie as well, and a cool one of Celeste and Storm  together but I figure this post is along enough as is so if you want to see more please check out the album on my facebook page!

And I'm finishing off this rather long post with a group shots of the models! It was a really great, and super exhausting day.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Peaches and cream; L173 outfits

I love the colours in this skirt - peaches and cream indeed! And it's floral, so really it ticks all my lolita fashion boxes.

Pieces like this skirt are why I really don't get people who point blank think Bodyline is terrible. Sure, they have done replicas and Mr Yan is pretty shady and their stuff is not on the same level of quality as brand, but still. This skirt is gorgeous, and I wouldn't like it any more if it was brand.

But as I often say - enough rambling, onto the outfits!

First up I really wanted to use one of my new cutsews from The Black Ribbon, and came up with this light and airy summertime outfit. I would wear this with cream ankle socks as well. What's actually kind of ironic is that a day or two after I took these photos, I went shopping with James and finally found a hair flower that is basically a perfect match for he flowers on the skirt; a darker, more orange shade of pink. But this outfit (and the others in this post) still look great with slightly mis-matched flowers!

For the second outfit I wanted to run with a darker colour scheme, and I really like the result. Perhaps different socks would have worked better, but overall I really like this outfit. It's a bit unusual, and definitely nice and casual.

Then in my last outfit I wanted to do something different and also use an item I hadn't yet used - my Innocent World cape. And in the end this outfit may just be my favourite of the lot! Though in all honesty I'd be most likely to wear the first look this one is just so cosy and delightfully mis-matched I can't help but love it.

Do you tend to like to wear lolita in a more well coordinated manner, or do you like it when outfits go a little sideways or normal?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Review #45: Jillian Cutsew from The Black Ribbon

Recently I received two cutsews from American indie brand The Black Ribbon. They first announced their Jillian cutsew before Christmas, and when the preorder opened I finally leaped in and ordered one in each colour; ivory and black.

The reason I really fell for this design is because they are very simple, but still on the lolita spectrum. The chiffon sleeves are cute, and the little bit of lace and the bow make them a bit more than just a t-shirt with contrast fabric sleeves. But at the same time they're still toned down enough that I can wear them in normie or toned down looks. So all in all, a good choice for me and how I tend to wear lolita.

Due to the exchange rate and shipping fee from America, they were really more pricey than I'm happy with for fairly simple items, but I figured that basics are important so I went with it anyway. And I imagine I will get lot of wear out of these, particularly the black one. But enough backstory, onto a few pictures and a proper review.

As far as the fit goes, I ordered the size Large, which has listed measurements of 37-42 inch bust and 30-38 inch waist, and the listing said they would "easily stretch much bigger" than the max. It does go a bit larger comfortably, as it fits me well at bust/waist of 43.5/38. I don't know if it would be comfortable if you were quite a bit larger, but if you're between sizes you can definitely size down on this cutsew.

The materials feel to be of fairly decent, but not outstanding, quality. The knit fabric of the body is a little see through like any thin t-shirt. The lace on the neck is nice and the same pattern on both colours. As you can see in the pictures in the ivory version there is some colour variation between the fabrics, but what I really like is that the lace matches the sleeves in colour so there is consistency across the top.

The rear hem is slightly longer than the front, which I think is a nice touch for a lolita cutsew. It is also shorter than a standard t-shirt which again is perfect for lolita, but does mean that this cannot be worn with anything low waisted. 

The parcel that came to me was nothing exciting - the cutsews were in a plastic bag with the invoice, and that was in a padded satchel. I must admit, I've gotten used to receiving purchases with little extras so selfish me was a little disappointed to not get a note or postcard or something, but that's just my selfish side! The packaging to my opinion was perfectly fine and secure.

Then in regards to their customer service, everything was great. I only got automated Storenvy notifications about my order, which is all I need, but the owner also spontaneously refunded me ten dollars on the shipping as the automated calculator apparently overcharged me. I thought this was a really great thing to do, because I had already paid in full and I understand that "shipping" is not just the postage but also the packaging and time it takes to post, so I'd never compare the stamp price to what I paid (okay, okay, unless I was overcharged by like twenty dollars or more) and think it was bad if the stamp price was lower. So that was definitely an unanticipated bonus.

So all in all these two cutsews are a very welcome addition to my lolita wardrobe. Unfortunately, given that it's winter down under right now I won't really be able to wear them until alter in the year but I'm very glad to have them now nonetheless. Overall the quality and service from The Black Ribbon was fine, and I will certainly buy from them again if they release other items that would perfectly fill wardrobe gaps like these two cutsews did.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Lolita 52: Something that was a gift

Several things in my lolita wardrobe were gifts, actually, or bought with gifted money. In particular James has bought me a lot of things over the years! However, one thing from him really stands out, which is my Lyris Design custom made underbust JSK which was my birthday present in 2014.

I’ve said positive things about this dress many, many times so I’m not going to say it all again but it is one of my favourite pieces, possibly even the favourite. And I really like that one of the keystone pieces of my wardrobe was a gift from my lovely boyfriend ^__^

Another gift that I want to mention, because it was also sweet, are these barrette bows.

Work was quite challenging all last year, and on one of my bad days my housemate/friend/workmate Natalie came home with  bag of assorted goodies for me, which included these bows. They’re a great match for my wardrobe, particularly the pink one as it matches some hard-to-match pieces, and it was just so nice of her to do that for me.

Are there any noteworthy gift pieces in your lolita wardrobe?

Friday, 9 June 2017

A long time coming; Princess Rose outfits

I finally finished properly modifying the straps on Innocent World’s Princess Rose JSK and so now it’s time to share three new outfits featuring it!

A fairly accurate shot of the colour for once, though it is a bit more purple IRL.

You may recall that I turned the too-short straps into a halter, only to remember that I really don’t like halterneck anything! So despite this dress fitting well and being absolutely lovely it just languished unworn in my wardrobe until I finally got around to doing this recently. And I’ll be painfully honest, if it weren’t for the fact that this JSK was next in my outfit post order it would probably have languished for a little longer. But it was time for new flatlays so I knuckled down and did it!

Before I launch into the outfits I wanted to share a little of what I did to the straps, because modifying brand is a dramatic thing. Firstly, I cut the straps off the bodice, because I couldn’t figure out how to remove them without deconstructing the bodice to an extent, then I unpicked the straps. The lace was secured to only one half of the strap, so I removed it from one edge and attached it to an edge on the other, which gave me two equally sized rectangles each with lace on one side (rather than one with lace and one without). For security, I next zig-zag stitched all the raw edges. Then I sewed what was the front and back of each strap together to make two longer straps, and secured these to the front of the bodice, but out to the sides more than they were originally, since the straps were originally folded so mine were twice as wide. Lastly, I sewed a button at the rear end of each strap at the appropriate length. Overall I did a prettyy sturdy job, but certainly not a professional quality alteration. I’m aware that by doing this I’ve basically ruined the resale value (except perhaps to a fellow tallish lolita) but I like this dress, so I don’t care. I’d rather have something I can wear, and maybe only sell for twenty dollars when the time comes, than have something I’m not comfortable wearing that I could sell for a hundred.

So that’s a little explanation of how I modified this JSK. And now that that’s out of the way, onto so outfits using it!

I love this outfit, I think it's toned down and rather elegant. However, I realised after cropping my photos that I basically already did this exact outfit last time I coordinated this dress. Oops! What can I say? Some things are just good, and I would so totally wear this outfit.

This outfit (and the next one) are definitely not repeats though! Despite ivory being an obvious choice for this JSK, and one that I really love, I wanted to try a few different coordination options. So for this coord I ran with lots and lots of wine. It's a pity the body of that cutsew is a different shade to the sleeves, because the sleeves match perfectly! This outfit is actually a good example of how flat lays are quite a different animal to actual worn coordinates because depending on how the necklines sat on a real person there may be too much of the cutsew body on display, which would make it too clashing, in my opinion. But it does make a nice flat lay!

Lastly I wanted to try really sweetening it up, and to be honest I'm not a huge fan. The blouse was, int he end, too pink and so were the flower clips. The socks are a great match though, and I also got to use a headband I made ages ago and only recently incorporated into my lolita collection, so that's nice.

Overall, though I'm chuffed that this dress is now wearable, I feel like these flat lays are a bit all over the place. But that's okay - I find flat lays are a great way to experiment with outfits without having to get dressed up yourself. Of course, there are times when a flat lay won't work well worn, and some outfits that look great one are meh as flat lays, but overall they are something I really get a lot out of doing, even if they don't turn out 100%.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Lolita 52: How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions

A lot of my Lolita 52 posts have been rather short lately, and this one even more so because I haven’t really had any reactions from strangers, only from family and friends. Within those people my favourite reaction was a friend of mine telling me I looked like a waifu when I was dressed up for uni one day.

Circa 2014 Roli aka "waifu ^__^.

So there we have I think the briefest post I’ve ever posted on this blog with the exception of hiatus announcements.

Do you have any interesting (preferably positive!) stories to share about your experiences with strangers and lolita?

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: May 2017

After being able to share such a wonderful collection of posts last month I'm pleased to do another roundup of lolita blog posts from May.

Lolita Brunch! from Neo Crystal
An adorable post about a lolita brunch with not many words but lots of lovely pictures! Ah pictures of lolitas just hanging out and being wonderfully cute always makes me happy.

What Would You Like To See Brands Do More Of? from Cupcake Kamisama's Lolita World
This post is a musing on what the author would (duh) like to see lolita brands do more of, a Lolita Blog Carnival prompt. I happen to agree with all the things she mentions!

Customising Shoes from Luna Rain
Shoes are a thing I hold very close to my heart, so this post was cool! Several different ways you could customise a pair of shoes are discussed, and I found it a helpful jump start to brainstorming shoe ideas. I mean, my personal solution to not having the right shoes is to go and buy more shoes, but still, this was a great read. And I have, actually, customised a pair of shoes myself so yeah ^__^

Lolita Canotier/Hat Making Guide from Fuwa-Fuwa-Fashion
Oh my goodness...floofy hat alert! I love fancy hats in lolita, despite not owning or having worn one, so this is a very cool tutorial, especially because it's for a proper hat (inasmuch as I know how hats are made) rather than a cardboard-based affair.

Fashion Show @ Madman Anime Festival from Adventures of a Drop Bear Lolita
I like blogs about fashion shows, cute outfits, and fellow Aussie lolitas, so this post was a perfect read for me!

Ouji and Aristocrat Sewing Patterns and Tutorials List from Buttcape
Buttcape is continuing to provide good resources for the boystyle community, this time with an epic list of tutorial and patterns. Makes me wish I had more time to sew!

Lolita as Formal Attire from Teacake Time Machine
This post is a nice little discussion on wearing lolita to formal occasions, and an example of an outfit the author wore to a baptism, which shows that lolita can be lolita and still pass muster at a variety of occasions.

101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas from Vanilla Bear
The title of this post really says it all; it's a list of 101 lifestyle ideas for lolitas. I really enjoyed reading this - I don't intend to make my lifestyle more lolita but it's something nice to think about and read about.

Madillustration, Patisserie brooch line review from Poppy Noir
I am gradually falling in love with brooches, partially because of posts like this that share wonderful purchases! How adorable is the doughnut one?

Once again I’m chuffed that I got to feature a range of posts from lots of different bloggers! Some bloggers were initially on the list twice, but as the number of featured posts went up I decided I ought to limit it to one post per blogger, per month, otherwise this could get out of hand. And again, this is only some of the lolita posts I read this month so there’s a lot of good content out there to enjoy!

If you have a lolita blog, or know of one that I may not follow, feel free to drop me a link in the comments because there is no such thing as too many lolita blogs! And if a post of yours is featured here and you don’t want it to be, let me know and I’ll take it down.

Friday, 26 May 2017

What would my wardrobe look like if I was an everyday lolita?

Or, more to the point, how would I change my existing wardrobe if I was going to try to wear lolita every day? As I’ve said in some previous recent posts, I feel my wardrobe is pretty perfect as-is. Of course, I’ll tweak it forever but currently it is versatile, cohesive and gives me a lot of options. If I were to guess how many fairly unique outfits I could get out of it I’d say I could get 5 looks that aren’t repetitive for each main piece on average, so with 24 main pieces that means I’ve got 120 outfits there. Then of course there’s little variations on each of those so really, with exactly what I have now I could easily (if my workplace allowed it and I actually lost enough weight to fit every single thing again) wear lolita every day for a year and not wear the same thing.

I find my wardrobe sort of spans three main categories as it is:
- Sweet lolita in black x pink and black x red with white in berry and candy themes
- Sweet lolita food themes in brown
- Floral classic primarily focusing on brown, ivory and beige, black, and shades of wine.

I do have a few outliers in colour and style but most of my wardrobe fits into those categories. However, not every piece I own is suitable for the simpler days of life. So, if the stars aligned and I were really to be an everyday lolita I would add the following to my wardrobe:

Five simple OPs
Probably three short sleeved and two long sleeved, these would either be solids, basic patterns (stripes, dots, etc.) or perhaps a couple of prints. These would probably mostly be very distinctly classic, maybe with one being sweet in black. The main key to these pieces is that they would be easy to wear (and launder!) for the time when I’d just want to throw something on and be done with it. Maybe one or two may even be cutsew dresses for bonus easy points. I think five is the minimum number of these that I would want – it means there are options and if I’m having a string of lazy days, or I’m sick, I’d  have enough options to get me through. Because OPs are the least versatile main piece option in lolita I wouldn’t really want to get any more than this though.

Simple, easy to wear, but still distinctly lolita.

Comfortable shoes
If I were to wear lolita all the time I would need some go-to comfy shoes. On top of what I already have I think these would need to be some adorable pink sneakers (for my beloved black x pink sweet lolita looks), a pair of brown flat oxfords for classic and some flat black boots, possibly a bit Victorian in style. I find that as I am now I tend to just stick to a few favourite pairs of shoes, despite owning many pairs, so I think these would cover all my bases quite well.

More cutsews
The textbook definition of casual lolita is a skirt and a cutsew, and I do like me some casual lolita, so I would definitely need to get my paws on more cutsews! Ultimately I’d probably want both a short and a long sleeved one in each white, ivory, and black, as well as a few other options – probably a brown one, something with a cute print for sweet looks, maybe a couple of unusual but still comfortable ones – on top of the ones I already own. I would have a lot of cutsews but hey, I wouldn’t be expanding my blouse collection much I don’t think because it’s pretty well rounded as is! These cutsew additions would be more to give me easy and comfortable options that I don’t currently have, but also don’t currently need.

I really have a thing for cutsews. The comfort of a t-shirt with the adorableness of lolita!

More full shirred skirts
Definitely a basic black one! I’m actually thinking of making or buying one anyway, because with trying to wear lolita more often I’m realising how much I like doing casual and I could do casual a lot more easily if I had a plain black skirt. But probably just a few more ones in simple prints – a brown tartan perhaps, a nice granny floral or two, something stripy, and maybe a border print or two just for variety. Not too many, because I still tend to prefer dresses to skirts, but some.

A gorgeous (but comfy!) skirt from indie brand Elegy Clothing.

Things for warmth and weather
Given that I don’t really wear lolita all that often I don’t have much in the way of cold weather gear. I have a black coat, a cream and a brown and cream fur trimmed hoodie jacket, a black and beige trim military jacket, and that’s all the really warm stuff I have that’s lolita appropriate. And my boleros (and Innocent World cape!) aren’t really warm – I’d say they are more autumn appropriate but not really up for winter. So I would need to stock up on another coat in brown for classic, as well as some warmer boleros and definitely some cardigans for casual cosiness. I would also need to get a waterproof parasol (or three, probably three) because no-one wants to be a wet lolita. Then I’d also need some things to layer underneath, like some fleecy bloomers, as well. This whole practicality section would probably be the biggest addition to my wardrobe, except perhaps the cutsews.

Lots of underthings
I’d need to up my petticoat collection to at least five (though probably more!), and make sure they are ones that fit me comfortably – if it’s going to be worn all day, every day, it had better have a comfortable waistband! Similarly, I’d want to up the bloomer collection to at least seven pairs, and as mentioned above perhaps some colder-weather specific ones as well. Lumping it under the underthings category I would also buy loads more basic legwear options – more ankle socks, plain OTKS, and coloured tights.

Though I don't think I'd get a petti quite as big as this MeLikesTea one...

Bigass bags
A big, practical (but still cute!) bag would be a must have. I’d want to get three in the end; white, black (though my new one is probably big enough to satisfy this) and brown. Quirky bags are great, but basics are necessary.

Some oddballs
Wearing lolita every day would get a bit repetitive, especially since I do have such a fairly distinct colour palette going on, so I would probably also want to get a few more unusual pieces just for when I feel like changing it up dramatically. I mean, as it is I would actually love to get a fresh spring green main piece and a lavender one (preferably both floral, because that’s just who I am) with a few accessory options to match. But much as I like what my wardrobe is and wouldn’t really change it, I feel that variety is important and I know I’d want to have a few more things that felt different.

A new release from Angelic Pretty that I adore...

I’d still go to the gym and do active things occasionally, what’s a lolita to do then? There’s not really any such thing as lolita active wear but I think a short, loose dress with leggings or a cute t-shirt with bloomers would be some adorable options there. Or just conventional active wear in cute colours – I’d probably go pink and purple. Cute loungwear is easy enough to come by, so I could lounge around the home in lolita inspired glory…or maybe I’d just buy more kigurumis! Lastly, I would need at least one "fuck it" outfit – something cheap and comfortable that could get ruined and I wouldn’t care. Probably a Bodyline OP, or a handmade skirt and offbrand blouse, something like that. And I think, with that, I’ve covered all my bases!

In finishing I do want to be clear that this is all just a hypothetical.  I will confess, my dream lifestyle is where I am a successful author and I wear lolita every work day for that while I write away in a pretty home office with lots of sunshine, tea, and cats. But even if that lifestyle comes to pass, I’d never get rid of my normal wardrobe. Firstly, I like variety (and pants!) and second I wouldn’t want to force myself into lolita, which is exactly what trying to wear it literally every day would be for me. However, it’s still fun to think about it and hey, if in a little while my dream lifestyle comes to fruition I would love to wear lolita as I work and when I do, I’ll definitely be implementing some of the things from this post.

What do you think of wearing lolita every day?