Saturday, 24 September 2016

Spanning the substyles; Chiffon Lovers outfits

Continuing along with doing a new set of three outfits for each of my main pieces has brought me the my FanPlusFriend Chiffon Lovers JSK, which I really didn't do justice the first time around. This time, however, I came up with three outfits I love and that also manage to (somewhat) span all three lolita substyles!

As this is a solid colour piece, no close-up to start the post and also my apologies for the photo quality. I started taking them on my phone without really thinking so they're not proper camera photos. And Panda refused to get off the bed, so his butt is in the photos as well. Regardless, I hope you enjoy ^__^

First, as my abiding love of all things floral is well known, I ran with a classic outfit with an Innocent World bolero and OTKS. I like this outfit quite a lot, it's rather elegant and quintessentially classic lolita.

Next I tried something a little gothic, or at least dark classic. I would wear this with black lace tights and probably would rummage out a big cross necklace and some of our black and silver rings from the model wardrobe. Which I guess really goes to show how much of a difference accessories make; with a cross necklace this would lean more gothic, if I wore a cameo instead it would appear more classic even if nothing else changed.

Last, and my absolute favourite, I tried doing something sweet and I adore the result! I almost can't believe this turned out so well, but it really did, and I got to use those adorable Meta socks. I'l admit, after putting this outfit together I actually went on eBay and ordered some lemon hair accessories and cherry clips where the bows are pink instead of black-and-white, just to match this look. But just look at how cute this is! I'm so very happy that this "three outfits" post made me explore such an unexpected but awesome coordinate possibility.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Lolita 52: Purses that I love

Oh my, what a hard-to-answer question. Not because I don’t have favourites, but because I really, really have a soft spot for bags in general. Which may seem surprising, given that I don’t have very many and don’t really care to own too many but there is difference between appreciating something aesthetically and actually spending the money and storage space on cultivating a collection.

Of my own purses, I have one very clear-cut favourite; my floral gobelin bag from Axes Femme. It’s just gorgeous, goes (though sometimes in a mis-matched way) with nearly every classic outfit I pull together, and I simply adore it! I have a real soft spot for gobelin in general, and florals.

Purses I love but do not own are really too many to name, so have a collage!

What’s your favourite purse that you own? What’s your favourite purse that you admire?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My first JSK; L417 oufits

I have to say that I get a lot of pleasure out of the fact that I still own and love my first ever lolita JSK, L417 from Bodyline. It's a little hard to match, but it's a lovely piece all the same.

This dress has so many things I like: a floral pattern, a fairly simple cut and not too much ornamentation but enough that it's to dull, and it's brown so it's easy to match with my wardrobe.

For the first coordinate I went a very classic route, and it turned into quite a simple outfit in the end. It's very well matched though; the lace on the blouse is similar to that on the JSK, both the headpiece and the socks are floral, and all in all it's a very pleasantly cohesive outfit.

My second outfit is super casual... definitely something I would wear! Not much more to say about it, really.

This last outfit I'm actually not too sure about. I think it would look really cute when actually on a body but something just feels a little off about it to me.

In the end I actually feel my satisfaction with these outfits was highest with the first and lowest with this. But ah well. Half the point of doing these posts is to try new things. I could have easily pulled together three outfits that just paired this dress with different variations of brown and ivory but that would just be boring and wouldn't help me expand my coording horizons at all.

Do you ever experiment with your loltia wardrobe and come up with results that you feel aren't quite there? What do you do if that happens?

Friday, 9 September 2016

Lolita 52: How I get out of a wardrobe slump

Well, getting out of a wardrobe slump requires being in a wardrobe slump so…

Joking aside (though it’s only half a joke, I have down moments with my wardrobe just like anyone else) I find there are two great, and kind of opposite ways, to get out of a wardrobe slump.

The first is to play dress-ups! Whether you actually put clothes on or just do flat-lays the act of physically getting out your clothes and coming up with outfits is refreshing. I think it’s quite important to have times where you make outfits without having a specific event in mind because it frees you up and lets you experiment. And it also means you can be more adventurous with combinations without worrying about other people’s judgement of the results – experimenting is great and you can come up with some awesome outfits by just giving it a go.

If you've been here for a while you'll know I love doing flat lays...

The second way is probably not a surprise to anyone who has read this blog before and that is analyse your wardrobe. Find the gaps, figure out ways to fill them, and refine your collection. It is a very satisfying thing to do! I constantly look to my wardrobe with a critical eye and try to make it ever better.

Have you ever been in a wardrobe slump? If so, how did you get yourself out of it?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Slowly turning purple

Last weekend I did a quick, super-casual shoot with James because that Friday I finally did something with my hair that's been in my head for months... purple tips! My hair is just barely hip length at the moment, and though I've enjoyed colouring it in the past I haven't done anything with it since I started distinctly growing it out about 4 years ago. But now I have, and I love it!

Just look at that colour and how it fades into my natural brown! My hairdresser (who I actually liked enough to go back to next time , which hasn't happened in a long time) did a great job with the bleaching. It was fun to get this done, a lot of the time I had two people working on my hair at once because there was so much of it!

And of course, to show off my cute new hair I had to wear a cute lolita outfit, didn't I? James and I popped out to one of our regular urban locations to snap a few photos, as well as making use of our trusty shed.

Outfit rundown:
JSK & Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Cardigan: Banned
Boots: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

I am so happy with my hair right now, I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and just did it!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I dream of pastries: Patisserie Dream outfits

As you know, I recently scored a piece I've loved since it was release; Patisserie Dream by Metamorphose in black. And of course, what am I to do with a new piece but do an outfit post?

I just adore this print. There is so much going on, and all of it is cute! The colours give it lots of coording options beyond black, though the most obvious (and one my wardrobe lends itself best to) is pink.

I love this outfit. Every single thing about it. It's simple, yet there's enough details going on that it doesn't seem basic. I just adore pairing that bustier with skirts, it's really a great piece for changing up outfit options and doing something a little different with skirts.

Next I did a simple look that I would wear casually. It's meant to have pink ankle socks as well, but mine are in the wash right now. It's funny, because though this is something I'm actually more likely to wear than the first outfit, I don't like it anywhere near as much! I guess it goes to show that what you like aesthetically doesn't always correlate to what you actually prefer to wear.

Lastly I wanted to go a very sweet route and play down the black as much as possible. This looks a bit unbalanced in a flat lay, but in real life (as I think I've mentioned before in relation to other outfits) I have dark hair so it really would balance out pretty well if I were to wear this. Honestly, this outfit is vying with the first one for being my favourite... it's so cute! And I'm making use of that ridiculous pink bow I got in my Meta lucky packs too.

If you feel like it, show me your favourite outfit with one of your dream items.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I guess I do have dream dresses after all...

I really have been buying things left, right and centre lately so following on the heels of my taobao haul, here’s a quite review of a pair of purchase from Yahoo Japan and Mbok via Japonica Market.

To be honest, I really didn’t want to stray away from Buyee, but given that they sometimes restrict your purchasing based on someone’s feedback (which I think was the case here, though I really don’t remember now) I had to make a change when Metamorphose temps de fille’s Patisserie Dream skirt in black popped up with a starting bid of 2000 yen.

My precious...

I’ve said frequently that I don’t really have dream dresses as such because I tend to be unwilling to drop much money on things. But Patisserie Dream is one of those things that I’ve loved since it came out. I missed it once on Closet Child and was really bummed about it, so seeing it at this price made me go; “I have to bid on this”. But Buyee wouldn’t let me so I had to try a new shopping service.

Overall I found Japonica pretty good. The fees seemed about comparable with Buyee and their service was fine. I wasn’t a huge fan of the interface and how they email you updates – there’s nothing wrong with it at all but it’s a bit confusing at first and I do prefer the very modern and straightforward website of Buyee. But still, I have zero complaints about Japonica. They even contacted me to confirm that the second item in my order, a Milky Berry tote bag also in black from Mbok which I bid on on a whim, had some wear to it and to make sure I still wanted to bid. So all in all they’re a great service who I will use again if the need arises.

But anyway, enough with reviewing the service… onto showing off the items!

I’m going to start with the least exciting purchase, the Milky Berry tote. Milky Berry is a print I’m gradually falling in love with, and given that I already have two black-with-berry-pattern skirts in my wardrobe it seemed like a fun little purchase. I won it at 1000 yen, so quite cheaply, but in retrospect I kind of regret it because fees and shipping added up and our exchange rate is not so good against the yen right now so YOLO purchases are not the best idea. However, it is cute, it does go with a particular subset of my wardrobe and it’s in pretty good nick so it’s still nice to have.

And then, my newest and glorious skirt; Patisserie Dream! I am so, so happy to finally have this! It’s so tacky and adorable! I found after I sold off my Bodyline Alice print in black and pink that I really miss having a “bittersweet” print… black and pink has always been one of my favourite colour combos. And now I have something that’s black and pink with a whole host of other colours and a super cute print to boot. James likes it too, which was an unanticipated bonus! I really can’t emphasise how much I enjoy this print, it really makes me happy. 

And Meta just continues to cement itself as my favourite lolita brand... just look at the pattern matching on the seam! That is so close to being perfect, and on such a detailed print too. The skirt is fairly standard length and sizing for Meta's "mini skirt" style, and yeah, I'm just very happy to have this.

Have you ever found a dream item at a price almost too good to believe?