Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Lolita 52: How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe

This is a bit of a hard one to answer, because to an extent I still don’t feel that my wardrobe is wholly complete. It’s definitely well-rounded, and I can coordinate everything in a variety of ways, so if that is the yardstick then it certainly is complete now and has been since about a year ago, so after I’d been in the fashion for around three years. However, I know there are still some gaps I want to fill that perhaps are not essential but would make my wardrobe that much more complete.

A glimpse into my wardrobe...I arrange things by colour.

This topic is an interesting one because it really raises the question of what you consider a complete lolita wardrobe to be. Caro-chan of FYeahLolita in her post “Building a Complete Lolita Wardrobe” defined it as one where you can wear a different outfit every day for a week, and I’ve used this as my definition in my $500 Wardrobe posts. However, when I’ve done my Wardrobe Challenge posts I’ve come to feel more that my definition of complete lies in how versatile and well wearing a wardrobe is, rather than a particular size. It is complete if everything works together well.

So, if I were to distil that down into a single sentence, it would be this: A complete lolita wardrobe is one that is cohesive, regardless of overall size, which has multiple coording options for each main piece and no impossible-to-wear pieces.

I can now say that now I have defined my own version of what “complete” means in regards to lolita wardrobes, I can safely say that mine certainly is complete.

As for how long it took me, as I said at the start of this post I think it took me approximately three years, really. And I’ve been continually improving it since then, and have even further to go.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The little brown dress; Lyris Design outfits

This JSK is, without question, one of my favourite lolita dresses. Possibly the favourite. I think, if I could only keep on JSK it would be this. I mean, I would be sad about ti an it would be a very very hard decision, but I really do love this one. It's exactly what I want, which is as it should be, since it was a custom commission.

If you're interested in reading my original review of this JSK, please click here.

First up, I paired Lyris Design with more Lyris Design! I think she used the same, or at least remarkable similar, fabrics for the JSK and the steampunk bodice, and they pair together really nicely. I feel like some more steampunky tights and maybe a gold hairpiece would make this pop, but as is I think it's a very cute steampunk lolita look.

Next I pulled out my trusty Axes Femme blouse to do a more casual classic look. I love this, I really do. It's simple but not boring and all the burgundies match really nicely!

Lastly, I tried a sweeter look with pink and hints of blue. I feel like a little blue ribbon tied in a bow under the blouse collar would complete this look perfectly, but even as it is I rather like it.

I know I probably sounds like a broken record, singing the praises of solid coloured main pieces on this blog all the time, but I think this post really shows that there's nothing boring about non-prints in lolita. If anything, they give you a great opportunity to showcase all the details that can sometimes be overwhelmed in a printed piece.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Lolita 52: Lolitafying things in my everyday life

This is going to be a very short post, because the simple answer is that I don’t really “lolify” things. It may seem a little unusual to be very into lolita and not have it spill over into any lifestyle aspects but my lifestyle and home is basically very practical, comfortable and has little or no focus on any style.

Honestly, the most “lolita” thing about my everyday life is the fact that my wall collage at work features several lolita images.

...and X-Wings, my cat, fantasy, video games, mermaids, Sailor Moon...

Does lolita spill over into your everyday life or is it just fashion for you?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

A wardrobe of flowers; L353 outfits

Would you look at that... it's a floral skirt! Sometimes I feel that for the sake of variety I should stray further away from floral pieces but I just love them so much!

This high-waited floral skirt from Bodyline is one of my favourites. It's easy to wear (and wash!) and is comfortable to boot. It goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and has just the right amount of detail that I like.

Though this skirt is obviously quite firmly in classic lolita territory, I wanted to put together an outfit that strayed a little closer to the sweet end of the spectrum. Not pictured are pink ankle socks to complete the casual summery vibe. I would wear this in a heartbeat, it's toned down but still very cute.

Next I pulled together another look I love that this time remains solidly in the typical classic lolita style. It may need a touch more red around the neckline to tie it all together perfectly; this is an instance where a necklace or brooch would really be the finishing touch.

On that note, I recently re-organised my jewellery and I am perhaps considering branching out a little more in that department. Though in all honesty, the model wardrobe collection is pretty expansive and I can borrow anything from there, so I may just end up getting a few more lolita-specific pieces and and calling it a day. Or, more likely, not making any changes in the jewellery direction at all.

For my third outfit I returned to this trusty blouse-and-shoe combo which goes so well with anything that has peach tones in the print. Quite a simple outfit and though it's nice it's probably my least favourite of the three here.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

It's my birthday...

...but no tears from me! Though I am at work right now (scheduled posting for the win) so that's a bit meh, but it was proceeded by a long weekend due to Labour Day which was awesome. So many computer games and binge-watching shows, mostly Luke Cage. Also donated blood yesterday, and re-dyed my tips on Sunday. So all in all a good pre-birthday long weekend.

I also got some very cool gifts! James bought me the boots of my teenaged dreams...

Yup, those ones ^__^ Also a pair of beige lolita heels that haven't arrived yet, and a copy of Garth Nix's new book Goldenhand. But I am still just over the moon about the boots!

My housemates Nat and Luke gifted me Sailor Moon merch! I never rally buy this kind of thing for myself, so this was pretty cool. There's also apparently something else in the mail, so all in all I'm pretty spoilt.

Also, Nat made me an experimental cake and James made me a batch of his cookies. I adore James's cookies, they are the best cookies.

So yeah, that's me right now. Not a lolita post (shock horror) but one I still wanted to share! How's life treating you right now, dear reader?

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lolita 52: Bloomers or no bloomers?

Simple answer; bloomers, definitely bloomers.

How adorable are these? If I were the type to spend $100 on bloomers...

As we all know, lolita is a fashion that lends itself well to flashing. The skirts are like sails for catching wind, the petti poof means that your skirt is away from your legs, and generally knee-length skirts of any variety are pretty easy to expose your knickers in. Now, I don’t have a problem with flashing generally, and I know for a fact I’ve worn more than my fair share of short skirts with no modesty shorts in my life. However, in lolita I feel like bloomers really are a part of the overall look and feel.

A cute way to cover your knickers in a country coord!
These are from indie brand Sugar Trampoline.

Let’s start with the assumption that at some point while wearing lolita, you will flash. When this happens, given that lolita is such a comprehensive aesthetic, I feel like the underwear on show should also fit that aesthetic. And I’m a person who doesn’t like fussy knickers, so the solution is to cover up whatever comfy thing I’m wearing with bloomers that (at least to some extent) match the rest of my coord. It’s not just modesty, it’s style!

Holding up your OTKS as well as preserving your modesty? Genius.

Writing this blog made me realise I actually want more bloomers; comfier ones in more colours! Currently I only own two pairs, as I don’t wear lolita very frequently. What’s your bloomer collection like?

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Spanning the substyles; Chiffon Lovers outfits

Continuing along with doing a new set of three outfits for each of my main pieces has brought me the my FanPlusFriend Chiffon Lovers JSK, which I really didn't do justice the first time around. This time, however, I came up with three outfits I love and that also manage to (somewhat) span all three lolita substyles!

As this is a solid colour piece, no close-up to start the post and also my apologies for the photo quality. I started taking them on my phone without really thinking so they're not proper camera photos. And Panda refused to get off the bed, so his butt is in the photos as well. Regardless, I hope you enjoy ^__^

First, as my abiding love of all things floral is well known, I ran with a classic outfit with an Innocent World bolero and OTKS. I like this outfit quite a lot, it's rather elegant and quintessentially classic lolita.

Next I tried something a little gothic, or at least dark classic. I would wear this with black lace tights and probably would rummage out a big cross necklace and some of our black and silver rings from the model wardrobe. Which I guess really goes to show how much of a difference accessories make; with a cross necklace this would lean more gothic, if I wore a cameo instead it would appear more classic even if nothing else changed.

Last, and my absolute favourite, I tried doing something sweet and I adore the result! I almost can't believe this turned out so well, but it really did, and I got to use those adorable Meta socks. I'l admit, after putting this outfit together I actually went on eBay and ordered some lemon hair accessories and cherry clips where the bows are pink instead of black-and-white, just to match this look. But just look at how cute this is! I'm so very happy that this "three outfits" post made me explore such an unexpected but awesome coordinate possibility.